5 Simple Ways To Motivate Your Employees

5 Simple Ways To Motivate Your Employees

“It literally doesn’t take any talent to give effort.” Employees try hard night and day to put in all their efforts, but as an employer, you must know how to motivate your staff. You must have heard about the usual tips and tricks for motivating your employees- like quarterly bonuses and flexible working hours? But employers often forget that the key trick to motivating the staff is to actually inspire them with what you do.

Whenever the staff feels inspired, they work better and deliver improved results, which automatically leads to a deeper understanding and great levels of trust between the employee👩🏻 and employer🙍🏾, which is always a positive thing.

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Here, we have our top 5 ways to motivate the employees.

1) Never Impose Fear On Your Employees

Never Impose Fear On Your Employees

  • At times bosses make their employees feel fearful😨 and extremely uncomfortable in the workplace🏢. This is obviously a wrong tactic but bad bosses use this tactic to get the results they seek.
  • They might offer incentives, use employees against each other or even use the threat of being fired to enhance productivity and obtain better results. These tactics are good for short term but your employees will develop a hatred for your brand and the employee retention rates will fall down.

2) Encourage Growth

Encourage Growth

  • Providing your employees with the opportunity for growth and training is a prominent way to inspire them. Learning must never stop. It doesn’t matter what your age or experience level is. Fetch external trainers, hold internal training sessions run by the employees themselves or you can even arrange fitness💪🏽 sessions for your employees. A good employee must be an all-rounder!

3) Always Make Them A Part Of The Big Decisions

Make Your Employees A Part Of The Big Decisions

  • It can be horribly discouraging for the employees whenever they see big company decisions being made without anything mentioned to them. It makes them feel unimportant and unloved. How do you tackle this? Asking for their input creates a sense of belonging amongst the employees, making them feel like they matter.
  • This is a sure shot step to employee investment and gives them a sense of purpose: by asking for their insight and opinion on how the company can improve for better.
  • In today’s highly competitive workplace, people tend to switch jobs after every few years, employee turnover becomes a huge problem in such a case.
  • You can stop this from happening by focusing more on employee engagement and training. Doing this will build a strong foundation for employee management and growth, hence keeping your staff happy and highly motivated.

4) Provide Them With Rewards To Reinforce Positive Behaviour

Reward Your Employees

  • Track the progress of your employees regarding how they achieve their goals and objectives after which you can reward them to strengthen positive behaviour, make them believe that they have progressed and kept them driven.
  • This can include appreciation in front of peers and gifts🎁 that never cost cash but are extremely meaningful to the person.

5) Provide Flexible Scheduling

Provide Flexible Scheduling

  • Technology has completely altered the way businesses operate and it has also entirely changed the way we work. If dedicated employees are checking their work mail on their phones📱 or finishing projects on their laptops at home, it’s absolutely normal for them to demand some amount of flexibility from their employers, when it comes to flexible timings.
  • If you desire to be looked upon as a progressive employer and attract the topmost talent, you must learn to offer your employees a flexible work schedule.

There isn’t any one size fits all technique in case of motivating your employees. These are a few of the essential ones but you can always discover your own little ways of motivating the employees in your company. Job opportunities are plenty, but candidates look for employers with some of these essential qualities. If you are an employer, make sure you imbibe these in you before looking for new candidates.

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