Emotional Quotient, The Secret To Success In The Workplace

Emotional Quotient, The Secret To Success In The Workplace

Heart-to-heart connections created in the workplace are now most essential for individuals and businesses to grow. Earlier Intelligence quotient ruled as the top measurement for success, but that’s no longer the case at present.

As information is so easily accessible, the knowledge factor doesn’t remain crucial. Emotional Quotient, also known as emotional intelligence is way more important than IQ when it comes to achieving success.

One of my dearest friends is the most emotionally intelligent person, as I’ve known her for over 10 years, she has plenty of relationships with people who hugely admire and respect her just because of her high Emotional Quotient.

She can quite perfectly read faces and pay proper attention to your tone or selection of words to understand you.

People like her can carefully read faces while speaking and pay proper attention to your tone or selection of words to understand you.

She can quite carefully read faces while speaking and takes care of the choice of words to understand you better. People love spending time with her as she makes everyone around her happy. People like her are true leaders in terms of family, friends and colleagues.

Strengthening your emotional intelligence can help you discover the best career opportunities. Here are a few ways in which you can strengthen your emotional intelligence.


Keep An Eye On Your Emotions:

Keep An Eye On Your Emotions


  • Strengthen your connection to others by being aware of how your emotions affect you. If you are extremely sensitive to criticism, you must step back and observe your emotional response instead of immediately reacting to criticism in a negative manner.
  • This will give you more than enough time to think and analyze the situation.

Be Empathetic:

Show Empathy
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  • Being empathetic might sound really easy, but when stuck in a difficult situation or conflict, feeling empathy for others might be the last thing that you feel.
  • Empathy allows you to put yourself in other’s shoes and feel what they feel. When practised properly, it gives you the ability to give up on judgements and to work through the situation, even if all parties don’t agree.

Be Willing To Listen:

Be Willing To Listen

  • Whenever you engage yourself in a conversation with your fellow colleagues, you must carefully listen to what all they are saying. Wait for some time to process the information that you hear. This will give you enough time to reflect and attend to their concerns in a detailed manner.
  • Body language is an important part of your conversation. Always try to properly understand the emotions that your colleagues are communicating with you.

Value Your Teammates And Stay Connected To Them

Value Your Teamates And Stay Connected

  • Try to remain connected to your teammates and show them that you value them. While networking with other people around you, be genuine, be true, ask questions, compliment the other person, discover some common interests and show them that you’ll always remember and value them.
  • As most of us work along with human beings, emotions play a crucial part in our lives. Great interpersonal relationships make our work life simple and happier.

People with high emotional quotient possess the ability to bring out the best in everyone. They bring people closer and make them feel valued.

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