Latest Hiring Trends For Small Business Owners In 2019

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” As you start enlarging your small business, you might end up requiring more and more people on your team to help you achieve your goals. The employees you hire for your company are of utmost importance.

The candidates you hire are the thin line of connection between you, your customers, your brand, livelihood and your legacy. Instead of seeing the hiring process as administrative, transactional or just something to get through, visualize your hiring process as an integral piece of investment for your company’s future and growth.

While you might be excited to start hiring, do not share job listings or begin interviewing prospective candidates if you intend to extend the interview procedure. A lengthy procedure might end up driving the candidates.

When you are absolutely ready to expand your team, follow these best practices to make the full advantage of your hiring process. Let a Video Resume App like Ohire come to your rescue and help you hire better candidates faster.


1. Never Spend Extra Time On The Job Description

Job Description

  • At times what happens is this that the marketing team, hiring managers and business owners tend to write extra lengthy job descriptions that cover paragraphs about the company, skills required, roles and responsibilities.
  • Your target should always be to write less and communicate more. Too much text might end up scaring the job-seekers. Personality and soft skills like speaking and communicating are the best indicators of judging how well someone can perform in a particular role.

2. Ask Lengthy Open-Ended Questions

Ask Lengthy Open Ended Questions

  • Trying and asking more and more open-ended questions during an interview will help you understand a candidate’s workplace behaviour.

These conversations will lead to a proper conversation and since the candidates will have to provide lengthy answers, you’ll get an accurate impression of whether you can work with the candidate or not.

  • You’ll get an idea about the candidate’s leadership experiences or conflicts at work. The people who are conducting the interviews must ask the questions in the same style and represent the company culture to provide the applicant with a proper impression of the business.

3. Try To Build A Sense Of Belonging Right From The First Call

First Interview Call

  • Right from the very first time that you contact a candidate for a job opportunity, make sure that they feel like they’ll be welcomed with open arms to the company.
  • Let a job candidate realise that they’ll be valued in the company despite their position in the organization. Be enthusiastic through the hiring process and induce hope in their hearts. The more welcome you make them feel, the more eager they’ll be to join you.

4. Candidates Must Get Sufficient Time To Ask Questions During The Interview

Candidate Interview Process

  • It’s very important to provide the candidates with sufficient freedom to ask questions during the interview process. It’s essential for the Candidates looking for jobs to find out if the job and workplace are a great match and you must provide them the time to do so. They must feel confident that the employer is the right fit for them.

5. Conduct Informational Interviews/ Meetings.

Conduct Informational Meetings

  • People who are searching for jobs, usually end up reaching out or applying to companies where they like to work even if the company isn’t hiring at the moment.
  • As a Talent Acquisition Manager or Business owner, you should conduct face to face meetings with people who are exploring new opportunities for their career. Even if you don’t have vacancies at the moment, you can always reach out to them later, when you’ll have an opening for that position.
  • It’s actually a positive thing if someone is excitedly coming to you and shows interest in joining the company. Whenever an existing candidate prepares to leave, you can always have a pool of candidates handy to help you out.

Human Resources is continuously developing and changing. This change is quite normal as a young and more global workforce has started taking over. Which is why it’s extremely essential to keep track of all the latest trends that will affect the future of the recruitment industry in 2019.

This blog will surely be helpful if you plan to remain updated on all the latest recruitment trends followed by the top recruitment agencies in 2019.

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