Never Include These Personal Things On Your C.V/ Video Resume

It’s 100% true that your employer🙅🏽 should get to know about you through your C.V as much as possible, but there are a few things that should not be out there on your C.V or video resume while you are looking for jobs, otherwise, it can send out negative signals to the recruiters.

Want to know what those things are? Here, have a look at the list. 😄


Never Mention Your Age In Your Video Resume


Whether you apply with a paper resume or a video resume through the Ohire Video🎬 Resume App, you just don’t need to show your age on the C.V. You know why?

Let’s talk about it.

Mentioning your age on your C.V leads to the employer forming pre-conceived notions about your ability to perform the job that you are applying for. It basically ends up in Age Discrimination, which is absolutely against the law. The Article-14 of Constitution of India denies the right to discriminate against any citizen based on their age. After all, your age cannot affect your ability to do your best on the job. Can it❓


Don't Include Your Marital Status On Your Resume

You might be married and have a whole bunch of kids at home, but your prospective Talent Acquisition manager does not need to know what your marital status is.

Just like age, it has nothing to do with how well you perform your job. Personal and professional lives cannot be intermingled and no one employer can discriminate against an employee based on their marital status.

You should remain aware of these basic rights.


Never Include Your Religion On Your Video Resume

This one must not be new for you. You might have already thought of it before, isn’t it?

It has happened before that talented candidates were denied job opportunities as they belonged to a minority religion⛪️.

Article 12 of the Indian Constitution denies such discrimination for organisations under the control of the Government of India”, but it still prevails in many of the Private Sector companies, which must be brought to a halt as soon as possible.

Your personal faith and choices should not impact the company’s decision to hire you.

Now you know how much trouble can these things get you into, isn’t it? If you are an active job-seeker looking hard for jobs, don’t worry and don’t look for jobs on different job placement agencies, rather check out jobs posted on the Ohire video resume app and start applying directly through your video.

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