The Secret To Cracking An Interview Within 75 Seconds

The Secret To Cracking An Interview Within 75 Seconds

You can discover your dream job just within 75 seconds if you simply implement the perfect tactics!

You might have heard people say that it’s nearly impossible to land this job. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to crack it or not. Actually, the only amount of time that takes to land a job is hardly 75 seconds.

You just need to do some proper planning. Here’s the secret recipe. Keep reading to know more…

Dressup Right

Dress-Up Right

  • At times, people overdress for their interview. Sometimes they are not aware of the dress code to be followed for an interview. These little things can bug off an employer.
  • There usually isn’t any need of looking like somebody from the circus party. Try to dress up in accordance with the company’s corporate culture.
  • Wear simple and sophisticated clothes which will make you look classy and confident so that you can end up making the right impression.

Look Directly In The Eye And Speak With Confidence

Speak With Confidence

  • While responding to the talent acquisition team or the HR Lead, remember to look directly in the eye of the person you are talking to. Looking here and there makes you look unconfident and sends out poor signals. Whenever you are asked questions, give your answers with full confidence.
  • If you don’t know any of the answers, don’t remain meek and hesitant, just reply that can we move over to the next question? Be precise and to the point.
  • Don’t beat about the bush and talk about anything else other than the question that is being asked. Bringing irrelevant topics in the conversation can offend your employer.

Don’t Do Anything Funny Or Strange To Catch Attention

Avoid Funny Things In An Interview

  • Never do anything funny or strange to seek attention. There are people who come dressed up in flashy, loud colours, sport loud makeup, get their hair coloured in bright colours, wear a wacky hairstyle and get tattoos made on their hands etc.
  • These things don’t send out positive signals, show nervousness and an attempt to seek extra attention. Always try to remain subtle to impress and make a mark.

Do Thorough Research About The Company

Do Thorough Research About The Company

  • Whether you apply online or through any other medium, never be one of those applicants who knows everything about his own work and skills, but has no knowledge about the company which he is visiting for the interview.
  • If you have no knowledge about the company, you’ll end up giving vague answers. This makes a terrible impression.
  • Read carefully about what the company does, what projects they work on, client reviews etc. This will show that you are genuinely interested in the company as you have spent a good amount of time to carry out personal research.

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