Simplify Your Campus Recruitment With Ohire

These days, companies require to approach campus recruitment, not just as a brochure or a quick visit, but they need to make it a memorable experience for the students.

Helping talented college students👨🏻 get placed is the best way to expand your company’s🏢 visibility and relevance. The Ohire, Video Resume App is the best way to simplify the tedious and hectic recruitment process that is conducted during the placement season.

We’ll answer all your doubts or questions regarding campus recruitment in question/answer form.

Q: What are the new techniques people can use to amplify their campus recruiting efforts in 2019?

New Campus Recruiting Efforts

Social Media plays an integral role in campus recruitment promotions. These days even online events have gained immense popularity especially in places where budgets play an important role. Sweepstakes that offer a collectable or prize in exchange for information can be successfully implemented as a promotional hook and an awesome way to bring in prospective candidates.

Now it’s better to take help of Video Resume apps like Ohire, which have a multitude of companies and recruiters registered on them, who are urgently looking for candidates to join them.

Q: How can Ohire change the campus recruitment scenario?

Top Recruiters And Companies


Ohire can completely transform the campus recruitment scenario and help both the training and placement cells as well as the candidates to a huge extent. It helps save time and money as the candidates can simply register on Ohire and get hired by the topmost companies and recruiters by just applying on the jobs posted by them through a short and simple Video Resume.

Candidates can also check out the work culture videos before selecting a company.

Q: Have You Noticed A Recent Decline In Campus Recruiting?

Changes In Recruitment Scenario


No, campus recruitment has not declined, but we can observe a shift in the campus recruitment scenario due to trendy video resume apps like Ohire. Now both colleges trying to place talented candidates into good companies and companies looking for the next generation of innovators usually prefer using free video resume apps like Ohire.

Who doesn’t want to get their objective fulfilled free of cost? We are sure you’d prefer the easy way out if you were a candidate🙎🏻 or a college training and placement cell.

Freshers need a platform to shine and show their efficiency. After the freshers become efficient and complete their internship period, they can surely move about to a better position within the company. Instead of organising campus drives or contacting job agencies, it’s better to rely on simple, uncomplicated video resume📺 apps like Ohire.

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